Monday, August 15, 2016

Quick Recap of the First Day of School

 Today was my first day teaching 2nd grade! I was super pumped and thankfully that I was able to get in about 7 hours of sleep. This is something that I didn't expect at all. My first days of school over the last few years, I haven't been able to get more than 3 hours. This already let me know when I woke up, that things were going to be okay.

  I got in about 45 minutes before students arrived so I could finish last minute preps and review my lesson plans. I scripted my day will almost minute to minute instructions of what I would be doing throughout the day. Scripting my lessons was something I dreaded during my first year of teaching. Now I find it extremely helpful. Four pages of lesson plan reading and I was ready for my first lesson!
 It was so exciting meeting my students in the courtyard and being apart of the school community right away. We had a morning pledge that everyone recited in English, Spanish, and Cantonese. It's great being at such a diverse school. The transition from courtyard to classroom was a bit rough for me but it didn't ruin the rest of the day. When I got to lunch, I realized that I forgot to teach my math lesson! We got too carried away on GoNoodle! Either way, the rest of the day went fairly smoothly. Only one student cried and no one got hurt or in a fight!

After dismissal, I spent about 3 hours prepping and processing the first day. I completed a "positive" and "needs improvement" chart for the day. I love being reflective and focusing on the positives. It has also been helpful to know that I'm growing each day and that perfection is not my end goal. Overall, I'm ready to chill out for the evening by watching The Office. Hope everyone is loving their first day or their Monday! 

Take care!

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